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filter "show threat-protections" on protection criteria

I think I know the answer to this, but wanted to throw it out there in case anyone has a solution.

I'd like to generate a list of threat protections based on certain criteria, such as release/update date, the follow-up flag, severity, etc. The goal is to write automation that will automatically remove staging on protections that meet specific criteria.

I know that this can be accomplished using "show threat-protections details-level full" with limits & offsets, but I'm hoping against hope that there's a more straightforward way.

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Believe this is the only way.
What I would do is: do a bunch of calls with limit/offset to get all the threat protections into a single JSON file.
Then you can use jq on the offline output to filter/find the relevant protections you wish to operate on.
This might be faster than continually querying the API directly.

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