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[Solved] add installation targets to policy

Hello CP users,

I am in the process of testing the API and can't seem to find the command to add a newly created cluster to a policy's installation targets. I was able to blow away all targets for a policy and replacing it with a single gateway using the following:




mgmt_cli set package name "MyPolicyName" installation-targets "MyFWCluster"





Obviously the above is not what I want. 😛 The API documentation makes reference to the "add" parameter but I get an error about pairs (key and value). 

Here's what I see when using the add entry:




# mgmt_cli set package name "MyPolicyName" installation-targets add "MyFWCluster" -s id.txt --format json
Error: The parameters of set-package command should be provided in pairs (key and value). You have provided an odd number of parameters which suggests that you are probably missing a parameter.




API version = 1.6.1 R80.40 GA Take 102


Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance everyone.




Beat the community to the solution. Trial and error lead me to find the solution.

mgmt_cli set package name "MyPolicyName" installation-targets.add "MyFWCluster" -s id.txt --format json


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