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SmartConsole CLI

Hello Everyone!

I'm trying to export groups from my SmartConsole to CSV file.

I ran this script via expert mode and it worked correctly:

mgmt_cli -r true show-group name "My_Group" details-level full -f json | jq '.members[] | [.name, ."ipv4-address", .comments] |@csv'

But when I'm trying to run this script via SmartConsole CLI it's failing.

This is the SmartConsole CLI I'm trying to run:

show-group name "My_Group" details-level full -f json | jq '.members[] | [.name, ."ipv4-address", .comments] |@csv'

And this is the error:

Error: The parameters of show-group command should be provided in pairs (key and value). You have provided an odd number of parameters which suggests that you are probably missing a parameter.

Thank you.



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The CLI in SmartConsole doesn't support pipes (incidentally, nor does clish). It feeds the full command you enter to something a little like this:

mgmt_cli -s session.txt %

With the full text you entered replacing the %.

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OK, so if the CLI in SmartConsole doesn't support pipes, there is any other way I can export groups via SmartConsole CLI?

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