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Employee Alumnus
Employee Alumnus

Script to convert Gaia Embedded Policy to R80.10 API commands?

I wanted to check and see if anyone out there has possibly created a script to convert a Gaia Embedded configuration file (that would be on a 1200R or 1400 style appliance) into R80.10 API commands or possibly a .csv file for batch importing of objects and rules? I was thinking about working on something to do this, but wanted to see if anyone else might already have something they are using.


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That's one I haven't seen/heard, but it'd be cool if something like that were developed.

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I do not think that this makes sense and will ever be a topic at all - especially as a 1200R or 1400 appliance will be managed centrally. A 7x0 or 910 local configuration will best be condensed into some screenshots (IFs, network, services and user objects) and SmartDashboard used to convert that information into the SMB object.

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