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Python tool for exporting/importing a policy package or parts of it


ExportImportPolicyPackage tool enables you to export a policy package from a R80.x management database to a .tar.gz file, which can then be imported into any other R80.x management database.

This tool can be used for backups, database transfers, testing, and more.

In the case you are exporting a policy package from a CMA, please verify that a global policy was NOT assigned to that CMA.
The tool doesn't support exporting a policy with global policy assigned!


This tool enables you to export a policy package (Access Policy, Threat Policy or both) from a management server into a .tar.gz file.


There are some types of objects that the script might not be able to export.
In such a case, an appropriate dummy object will be exported instead, and a message will be logged into the log files to notify you of this.
In the Check Point SmartConsole you can easily replace each of these objects by searching "export_error" in the search field, see where each object is used, create the necessary object manually, then replace it.


Download the latest version from our GitHub repository:

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