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Programmatic access to App Control - URL Filtering setting

We are trying to automate deployment of the checkpoint smartcenter, but has come across a setting that seems to be hard/impossible to alter outside the GUI.

It's the "Categorize HTTPS websites" setting found under the Application Control -> URL Filtering, Advanced Settings -> General -> URL Filtering.

SmartCenter, Categorize HTTPS websites setting

Basically we need to change this using some kind of script - we can't locate the setting in the database, and there is no reference to it in the API, clish / expert mode. Also CheckPoint support has come up empty, so now it's time for the experts.

Does anyone know how this can be accomplished or what is changed (and where) when this setting is toggled?


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The property that gets toggled is called urlf_ssl_cn_enabled under appi_settings.

There is probably a way to set it either with dbedit or using How to find generic-object that is not defined in the API?


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