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Monitoring and Resource Utilization by MDM API

I have few questions on API Usage and its monitoring. We are using Checkpoint Management Server with approx 30 domains today.   API calls are made either using Postman or Python requests for Bulk configuration.


1. Today, we are running mgmt server on 16Gb of RAM. What is the recommended configuration? Is it dependent on count of Domains added?

2. List of processes that are involved in API usage. What is the efficient way to monitor load/usage due to APIs. 

3. What is the use of heap memory (shown in api status command) and how do we monitor it? Currently its set to default i.e. 256Mb. Is there any formula to calculate this based on RAM/SSD?

4. I see that JAVA process is involved while making API Calls. Isn't that java is used in lot of other operations and not just API? If yes, how to truly measure load/usage by API so that API usage does not crash the server/process


Thanks in Advance!!

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In regard to memory usage I would go for 32 GB RAM at least. A bare SmartCenter with 8 GB RAM will be pushing it. Adding 30 dmains to it in only allows for 0.5 GB RAM per domian.

I would no distinguish too much between changes through an API or though Smart Console. I recommand you read the ATRG on the managemn proccesses and sunch stuff.

Use top and swigtch to full cli list of proccesses. That will give you a bit more insight.


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The amount of RAM you need will depend on a number of factors.
In general, the more gateways managed from the device, the more RAM you'll want.

There are multiple processes involved in API usage, but cpm is the primary one.
$FWDIR/log/api.elg may provide other clues for what exactly to monitor as well. 

I believe the heap is used to process API calls and may need to be adjusted in some environments.
Of course, if you have heavy API usage, it is highly recommended you upgrade to R81.10 or better, which has a lot of improvements in API performance and stability.

Java is used for a number of things (including the API), so one cannot just monitor Java.

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