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Migration from Full HA standalone to disributed environment

Hi all,

We have running checkpoint in full ha mode (standalone no management server) in different 5 location managed individually Now we want manage all the gateway cluster with one management .  Gateway is running on checkpoint 77.30 also need to upgrade on 80.30


Please suggest how can i export policy or object backup from 5 different location and import it into single management.



Mohan Lal


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Assuming you are still running R77.30 in your environment, several steps, including lab staging, might be required:


1. To move from Standalone to distributed, look here:

2. To consolidate 5 Smartceters into a single one, use cp_merge utility:


Thanks Val_Loukine,


I am Using CP_merge utility but getting error in importing gateway object.


The following objects will not be imported.

Do you want to see an expanded report y/n [y] ? y

The following objects will not be imported because one of their attributes'
values is not valid. Use Check Point Database Tool to correct the objects on
the source Management Server:
CP : Validation error in field 'Log Servers' at object 'CP' @ 'Network Objects' --> Validation error in field 'Always send alerts to' of element #1 --> The refe renced object 'CP' from table 'network_objects' does not exist in the database

Validation error in field 'Always send logs to' of element #1 --> The referenced object 'CP' from table 'network_objects' does not exist in the database


CP Is my gateway name in Standalone setup

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