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How to export the zero hit rule.(export to html)

How to export the zero hit rule.

Hello, I am an engineer working at CCSP in South-Korea.

I'm writing this post in case someone doesn't know how to export the zero hit rule to html.

In the past, it was possible to search for zero hit rules in the R77.30 Smartconsole Search bar. (Search bar syntax, hit:Zero)

In R77.30 Smartconsole, search was possible, but only PDF printing was possible, and Web visualization tool could not display hit count.

Also, R77.30 is EOS.

In R80.x, even the Search bar function is gone.

The manufacturer says that it is possible to export hit count csv from R81.10 + JHF to csv. (I haven't tried it)

Anyway, it is possible to export to html by displaying the hitcount using the -c option in the show package tool.

The -c option defaults to false .


The show package tool -c option was tested in R81.10 and  R80.40 and R80.30.

As a result of checking in R80.20 & R80.10 OS, there is no -c option in

Check if can be upgraded.

If this method is difficult, Consider the installing latest jumbo hotfix or OS upgrade.


1. Use the -c option when using Show Package Tool. (sk120342)
Example) [Expert@HostName]# $MDS_FWDIR/scripts/ -k Testpolicy_20220411 -c

2. tgz is created successfully, and download  with Winscp.

3. And open Security-management server.html and you will see hit count.

zero hit example.png

Finally, when I open html with excel program, it does not open well.

Use Ctrl+A and Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V or find a way to convert html to csv.

If this is a duplicate post, please let me know and I will delete the post.

thank you.


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Thanks for sharing this, it's a good tip!

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I agree with @PhoneBoy ...excellent tip, thanks very much @Jung_Patrick . Btw, yes, you are correct, it is possible when exporting rules in csv format to see rules with 0 hits, I did it for a customer and in the lab and it does work.


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