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Help Exporting Rulebase Data

Hi, I have what i thought would be a simple requirement to export our rulebase to csv for me to share some information on some specific rules. I have looked around the forum and have struggled to land the best and simplest way of doing this.

The export option in R80 smartdashboard GUI does not work for me as i need to understand the nested groups or the objects / subnets inside of the groups as well as the high level group information.

Is there anything around that is already pre-written script wise to make this happen? running python directly from my machine will be a challenge and my scripting knowledge is limited.


Running R80.20.


Any help would be really appreciated.

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As of R80.20+, you can use the option show-as-ranges true with the show access-rulebase API/CLI command.
This should deference everything as IP addresses and ports.
Note: because the call is fairly intensive, the API limits you to 20 results, thus you will need to use this multiple times with limit/offset parameters to get all the results for your rulebase.


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