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Group membership export with IP address

I have a group object that contains close to 600 devices. I can export the group to a csv but it only contains the group information. If I search for a specific device, I can export a csv with hostname, IP address, and description. However, I cannot export a csv with the members of a group with the hostname, IP address, and description. I've looked into some APIs but did not have much luck. Any and all assistance is greatly appreciated. 

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By description, I assume you mean comment.
Try these two CLI commands from

mgmt_cli -r true --format json show group name group-name details-level full | jq '.members[] | [.name , ."ipv4-address" , .comments ] | @csv'
mgmt_cli -r true --format json show group name adult-machines details-level full offset 500 | jq '.members[] | [.name , ."ipv4-address" , .comments ] | @csv'

Note that a second command is required since the API will only return 500 results at a time. The "offset 500" will return the next set of results.
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