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Employee Alumnus
Employee Alumnus

GAIA API version 1.2 is now GA !

Hi all,


I am happy to announce the release of GAIA API version 1.2

This version includes several stability fixes, fine tuning of the current I/S and new APIs.

Some of the new capabilities of the new version:

  • GAIA Groups management
  • Show system routes (static and dynamic)
  • Monitoring Cluster API
  • Controlling password policy
  • Show system diagnostics.
    Currently disk, memory and CPU are being monitor, more capabilities will be available in the future.



  • Examples per API
  • Fine description of each API (default values per field and many more)



  • Local login
    Use the current SSH session to login to GAIA API and get a REST session (> gaia_api login)
    ! Very useful - when it comes to scripting or running remove scripts via the mgmt. (run script feature)




  • Use this link to check the recent APIs documentation
  • Use this link to download the recent API engine and see the latest change-log



Tal Martsiano

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Great stuff, @Tal_Martsiano, keep up the good work!