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Exporting Objects-group via API

I have exported some group objects via API, but the same groups that are viewed on SmartConsole is not possible to find them running the "SHOW-Groups" command via API and also even when exporting the file via JSON. Could you help me why some groups are not possible to find?


Total Groups: 1434 -
Successful Groups: 1289
Failed Groups: 145 - Checkpoint API Not Found Groups

Where are these groups that we are able to view in the global object base on Smart-console, but when extracting the same groups in the API command, 145 is not found.

Could you please guys advise on this?

issue report screshoot.png

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I suspect the name you use via the API is different than what’s shown for some reason (why I’m not sure).
I believe you can right-click on the object and get the UID of the object.
Then show the object based on that to see the real name.


Thanks a lot mate. I will try to do that and let you know.

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