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Error exporting Policy package with Python tool

I have a customer using the Python script for export/importing Policy packages.

They have already successfully move a few packages over with no issues but ran into some problems on 1 policy. This policy has over 5000 Rules but very little NAT rules.

They are getting the following error which looks more related to the session closing or ending but not sure as to why:

Failed to retrieve NAT rulebase! Error: message: Wrong session id [4CqUm2VkMbKBkxtD0PHS9J0qTjX4mC2xkf-M9Vy6xak]. Session may be expired. Please check session id and resend the request.

code: generic_err_wrong_session_id

. NAT rulebase was not exported!’

Wondering if anybody has any ideas. I didn't see any logs to check for more detailed information but I haven't had much exposure to this script besides very recently so I may be missing something.

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How long does it take for the script to run?

Only thing I can think of is the session ID is timing out because it's taking too long between operations.

The default session timer (refreshable) is 600 seconds (10 minutes).

You could easily hack the script to support a longer timeout.


Taking well over an hour before failing. 
I think you are right as nothing else is really making sense in reference to the session ID.

Will look into the script for that Timeout.


Thanks for the direction on this!


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