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Document for REST API on Quantum 1500

Hello Community team,

From my understanding, the support for REST API in Quantum 1500 was added in R80.20.25 firmware, I am looking for a document that describe in detail all the supported commands, I appreciate if someone can share with me the link for the document


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I believe we are still working on the official documentation.
However, the attached should be enough to get started.
There are only four API commands currently:

  • login
  • logout
  • run-clish-command
  • generate-report

A couple other notes:

  • The API runs on port 4434 by default
  • It uses the 'web-api' context by default (the regular Management API uses web_api).

Which means if you're using mgmt_cli to execute API commands, you'd be executing something like:

mgmt_cli --port 4434 -m --context web-api login

Hope that helps.


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