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Creation of dummy rules for performance testing - python

Building on the excellent python library by Uri Bialik​ in this post

I have created another script that maybe useful, more in the SE and partner community, than customer, but it is still a nice demonstration of how useful this API is!

Often in proof of concept/value exercises that center around performance testing it is requested that the performance testing should be done with a number of rules in place to give a more realistic “real world” scenario. This can be incredibly tedious as you have to create a number of dummy objects and dummy rules in the policy which can be incredible time consuming, especially if the number of rules is in the thousands.

Previously we could use dbedit for versions prior to R80 to achieve some of this but it was a bit clunky and slow. Now with R80, and the API, we can be a bit slicker about this.

The script, when run, will prompt you for the number of rules that are required and then will calculate the number of objects needed and create the objects and rules automatically. Then you can put the actual rules that the test traffic will hit at the end manually.

This should save a ton of time in these performance testing scenarios, but also it is a great and practical demonstration of the power of automation, R80 and the API.

I have added a 5 minute video of this in action to YouTube (no audio)

The script is attached below along with Uri Bialik​ original library. It is in the "dummy_rules" folder

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This is a nice project. What I liked about this was -

The bulk creation of all hosts with IP’s prefixed 10.0.0. with one script,

Seeing in the GUI the “created automatically by Python” comments,

The accompanying short Youtube video

really cool!


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