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Command to export everything from the mgmt_CLI?

Hi People,

Is there a command to show the complete config at once from the mgmt_CLI?

We use Kiwi Cattools and would like to have the policy rules and other configurations backed up every day and make the differences visible. We are using this tool for several devices but it would be nice to add the CheckPoint policy rules to.


Kind regards,


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This cannot be done for a couple reasons:

1. Not everything can be configured from mgmt_cli.
2. There is no one single mgmt_cli command that will dump the entire security policy configuration.
3. Such commands would also miss configuration changes made via e.g. clish or Gaia WebUI.

Your best bet would be to do one or more of the following:

1. Review audit logs for changes (those should be documented)
2. If you must have it in a file, use one of the various methods for exporting the configuration and do diffs on that day-to-day. Couple possibilities:
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@Charly Or, just use "migrate export" or "backup" command from the CLI, with or without Gaia API

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