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Collecting routes from the Management station

This is probably the wrong place to put this but not sure what was the best place.

Since there is not a route collection API, we have been using a script that we could run through the API to collect routes from all of the gateways. However in instances where a management station has a large number of gateways with a large number of routes, it can take hours to churn through all of the gateways. I have looked through the database and it seems that routes are there, however I am having an issue determining which gateway each of these routes is associated with. Is there a way to extract routes from the database as opposed to hitting each gateway?


As an example, It seems like this route is in the database enough times to match each gateway (which would be correct) just not sure how to associate it with the specific gateway.


<property name="osRoutingInfo" type="owned object"><object name="" fw1GUID="{A7096AD6-779B-EA4B-A207-3F3F6025B51D}">
<property name="class" type="string">os_routing_table</property>
<property name="LastModifier" type="string"></property>
<property name="LastModifierHost" type="string"></property>
<property name="LastModificationTime" type="string">1659037406</property>
<property name="osRoutingEntry" type="ordered container"><property name="" type="owned object"><object name="" fw1GUID="{D9E31279-F802-8C42-B3B8-A26D18055594}">
<property name="class" type="string">os_routing_entry</property>
<property name="LastModifier" type="string"></property>
<property name="LastModifierHost" type="string"></property>
<property name="LastModificationTime" type="string"></property>
<property name="osRoutingDest" type="string"></property>
<property name="osRoutingGateWay" type="string"></property>
<property name="osRoutingIndex" type="unsigned number">1</property>
<property name="osRoutingIntrf" type="string">eth0</property>
<property name="osRoutingMask" type="string"></property>



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How does your script work and are you aware of the following API?

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The script is a task that runs against each gateway (basically just netstat -rnv). We haven't used the GAIA API yet we have been using the MGMT API. I will have to see how we can incorporate the GAIA API into our processes and if it will truly do what we are needing it to do.


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