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Checkpoint R77.30 - How to list members of a group


On my R77.30, I've multiple VPNSSL Gateway and each one have a group of user, in this group I add user as needed.

Sometimes I need to audit thoses VPN so I'm looking for a way to list all users contained in a group, this is the only information that I really need.


I've tried to use GuiDBedit.exe but didn't find a way to export the result of user list and have some additional parameter than just the user name.
The best that I've for now is to use dbedit as CLI with "print <table_name> <object_name>" like this "print users username_group", the only thing is that I've some additional informations not needed like "(Table: users)"

dbedit> print users username_group

Object Name: username_group
Object UID: {05551D43-2723-4D79-8EC5-F7534EC80832}
Class Name: user_group
Table Name: users
Last Modified by: xxxxxx
Last Modified from: xxxxxxx
Last Modification time: Fri Sep 9 06:28:25 2022
Fields Details

: Name: username_user1 (Table: users) Name: username_user2 (Table: users) Name: username_user3 (Table: users) 



I can rewrite some text with regex after get back thoses information, but is exist a better way to have user list ?

I've acces to expert mode and to GAIA GUI.
I don't need an export list to a file if I can copy and paste into a file that's OK for me.


Can you help me for that ?



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R77.30 is very much End of Support and you should upgrade to a supported release.

In current versions, we have APIs that would make this process easier than dbedit (your only option in pre-R80 releases).
Having said that, printxml (instead of print) may yield results that are easier to parse as they are in a more structured format.

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Dbedit is probably your best bet, or you can try in Guidbedit, but not sure if it will give you better info.

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