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Check Point API for ip whitelisting

Hello everyone,

I need Checkpoint api with request, response with error message for below user stories IP whitelisting.

1. Parivartan is suppose raise an Service-now incident /ticket for change in Check-point firewall (incident will be handled by Firewall team) with an attachment (CSV file)

2. Firewall team will manually (desktop utility) change Firewall

3. Firewall team will generate reconcile report to verify changes.

4. They will mark resolve/ close the Service-now ticket.

5. On close of ticket Parivartan will verify changes using Checkpoint Management server APIs.

6. Finally they will update Parivartan system (Member-Service).


Regards, Prasenjit

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Hey @prasenjit I fixed your post for you. You are welcome 🙂

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Sorry, I don’t understand what you’re asking for it.
Is it to verify that a specific change that was asked for was made?
You’d have to parse the given access-policy to verify a rule exists that meets your requirements.
Or you could parse the results of show changes between given dates to see what precise changes were made.

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