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API Performance

We are using a lot the Check Point REST APIs to read and write data into CMA Database.

I read other posts talking about the reason why the write API response is slow to write data and the answer is: "validations to maintain the database integrity make API slow"

My question is: Why the API is too slow to read data (not write), for example, get a dump of 5.000 objects.

There was another way to read information faster using the APIs? There is any planning to increase read performance API?

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I believe the recommendation is to use the "limit" and "offset" parameters to get results in blocks of 500.

This should result in speedier responses from the API.

As for specific plans to improve this, I'll leave that to folks like Robert Decker‌ to comment on.


We used this approach to read data. We changed the limit and offset settings with a lot of different values: small chunk of data and huger chunk of data and we didn't get satisfactory results.

The read time didn't change as we wish.



Following up Dameon's answer above, API performance also depends on - 

1. the details-level of the information requested - the "full" details level requires more processing and the response time will be longer.

2. the type of objects queried - network/service objects processing may take longer, because it also calculates grouping relationships.

We have released R80.10 Jumbo HF version that presents new flags to decrease the processing time - please refer to sk121292.



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