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Dan Roddy
Found a block action reason:  Blocking request as configured in engine settings of Application Control... Precise Error: Internal system error in HTTPS Inspection due to categorization service timeout...   So I went to Blades/Application Control & URL Filtering Settings/General and changed Fail mode to 'allow all requests

aner sagi
up_manager_resume_chain: fwhold_send failed. chain will be dropped by the fwhold API  [up_manager_perform_action: up_manager_resume_chain failed network_classifiers_domain_async_timeout_cb: the 'perform_action' callback function failed up_manager_resume_chain: _chain_packet_id 1 is not held   Customer is using 5200 R80.10 jumbo 103 (full
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Eric Lindsey
We have 1000s of pcs going to a windows update site to download a .cab file.  It crashed our Threat Emulation blade.  We would like to exclude windows updates from threat emulation. I tried making an exclusion rule set to detect only but can not get the rule to match with the traffic.  What would be the correct url string in our
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Maarten Sjouw
I was trying to add a number of object this week, I had done some last week. Last week I added them to 1 domain and now I wanted to add them to another domain, what I did upfront was mdsenv <Domain>  and started issuing the commands, this worked like a charm. Today however when I tried to add some objects to another domain, using the