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Paul Gademsky
I have several R80.10/R80.20 MDS that I administer, and have been trying to find a way to get a 'Friendly' name to show versus the "Administrator Name" for various tasks (looking at policies being installed, looking on the MDS via cli to see who is logged in to various CMAs).  The Administrator Name is usually an employee ID number, which is

Shahar Grober
Hi,    did anybody encountered phishing emails which looks like Amazon delivery confirmation emails with some malicious links which are not scanned by the TE MTA? 
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Maarten Sjouw
Last week we had some problems with a customer setup where we first ran into an issue someone did a get interface with topology and was able to ok the topology without a Sync interface set.  The new interface was still down, as the switch ports were not enabled yet, although the new interface was completely setup correctly, the config change
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David Spencer
For some reason within the Identity Agent, when I auto detect the gateway to connect to, the correct IP address shows, but does not connect. If I edit this to the hostname, it does connect.   I'm not sure why this is occurring, but what have others done for setting this up. I'm working towards deploying the agent, but want to make sure it's
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Dameon Welch-Abernathy
These videos were recorded originally for our partners by Jim Oqvist, but CheckMates members can now access this exclusive content!  Introduction Duration R80 Management Training Introduction Please note that Ravello blueprints have been discontinued and are no longer available. Most of the labs can be done with the Cloud Demo