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Chandhrasekar Saravanan
Hi All,   I was successful in adding host object using REST API 'create-host' call   however, it allows me to add only one object at a time, does anyone know a method of adding bulk import of objects at the same time.   Please let me know   Thanks, Chandru Saravanan

Dameon Welch Abernathy
My colleagues in marketing are trying something new. If you're a customer or partner, and you've got a minute, we would appreciate your involvement in the following private group: Online Focus Group.   We will approve requests from customers/partners to join.     Today’s question is about visuals for the upcoming Check
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Raj Khatri
Does anyone have an API script to retrieve gateway VPN certificate details?  We would like to get a list of all gateways in a multi-domain environment that shows the expiration date for the VPN certificate.  I understand an expiration warning is shown during policy install but there are cases whereby the policy is not installed for quite
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Matt Dunn
I've hit a problem with IE11 and wonder if anyone has any ideas? I've installed a new R80.10 gateway and enabled HTTPS Inspection.  I've exported the cert and put it on the client.  That bit works great.  I've also imported the internal_ca cert to the Trusted Roots store on the client.  However I have a problem with the
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Itamar Kerbel
Hi, I'm trying to block users on my network from using facebook gameroom. I have the 730 firewall. After failing a few time I noticed that the gameroom windows application is just a wrapper for a browser that runs flash games from this makes things problematic as the only way I find at the moment to block facebook gameroom is