Thanks for Checkmates Winners Event

Video created by Heiko Ankenbrand Champion on Oct 10, 2018

    We had an invitation in Israel and I would like to thank you for the event.


    Also a thank you to all other who write great articles at Checkmates.


    Special thanks to


    Check Point:

    Gil Shwed 

    Dorit Dor 



    Danny Jung 

    Vladimir Yakovlev 

    Timothy Hall 

    Heiko Ankenbrand 


    and the Checkmates team in the backround:


    Amit Sharon 

    Lillie Miller 

    Moti Sagey 

    Dameon Welch-Abernathy 

    Valeri Loukine 

    Niran Turgeman 


    Backround to the video hack:


    What you need for this hack?

    - transparent straw

    - Chackmates sticker

    - a pool on the rooftop of the hotel

    - good humour