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SSL VPN user binding with MAC Address for Secure Workspace

Question asked by Mahipal Singh Employee on Oct 21, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2018 by Mahipal Singh

Hello CheckMates,


I am have a customer who is using SSL VPN (Mobile Access Blade) solution with Secure Workspace functionality for external 3rd party vendor users (Around 20K users), now customer is asking for device binding with user for restricting the access for designated users to avoid misuse of their data. (It is basically a Bank and having Loan application accessed by their 3rd party loan distributor or retailer and they are keeping their data safe using  secure workspace but due to flexibility of login from anywhere users can login from any machine and leak the data to competitors)


Client machine are mostly Windows 7, 8. 10 desktop & laptops. 


Customer is looking for user binding with MAC Address to restrict the access from allowed/designated  machines only.