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Block the URLs and IPs stored in an online web feed site

Discussion created by Oral Gokgol Employee on Oct 21, 2018
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This script uses Management API and automatically downloads the feed from a web site given on the $URL parameter and creates the required groups, IPs, URL Lists, and rules on your management server to block them.


  •      This is not an official script, use it with your own risk. Please firstly test it in your test environment.


  •      Copy the files to your /var/log folder, change the URL parameter in scriptBase.sh script, and run it as bash scriptBase.sh


  •      It parses the given website, and expurgates the IP addresses and URLs on that website.


  •      It creates totally 2 rules on the top of your Standard Rule Base, 2 for blocking IP addresses as source and destination, and 1 for blocking the URLs. It doesn't install the policy.


  •      It can import 30 K entry in 3 hours on first run, copies itself to /var/log/oralg/WEBSITE_NAME and puts itself to the crontab on management server, to run each day to update the records. 


  •      After first run, the update processes takes no more than 2-3 minutes.


  •      If you want to run the script also for another site, again change the URL parameter in /var/log/scriptBase.sh and run it for the second site. It will not affect the other web site script.


  •      If a record is removed from the feed site, then it will also be deleted on your management, if a new record is added to the feed site, then it will also be added on your management.


  •      The script adds its copy scripts to crontab, and it runs every day at 4:00 am, if you want to change the time change the variable recurrenceTime on the /var/log/scriptBase.sh 

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