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Not getting enough information from the Web Visualization Tool

Question asked by kingdavid akubuine on Oct 18, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2018 by Danny Jung

Hi Checkmates.


I recently explored the option of exporting our checkpoint firewall security policies using the Web Visualization Tool as recommended by checkpoint. I was able to convert the outputs to readable formats

However, it seems to not give us enough information, i.e. I cannot see the IP address objects, or node objects. From the outputs we are only able to see the names of objects but not the actual objects. For the purpose intended, this will not be of any value for us. Is there a way of extracting the policy, while showing the source IPs, Dest IP addresses and not just names. i.e. under Name12 Tab, SMS02 is an IP address object, but we can’t see the actual IP in any of the outputs, just the name of the IP.#WebVisualizationTool