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R80.10 mgmt_cli Session Timeout

Question asked by Alex Tooze on Oct 17, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2018 by Danny Jung

On an R80.10 MDS, we run a script which carries out a number of validation checks using mgmt_cli commands, prior to installing the gateway policy. In order to improve safety & efficiency, we set up a read-only session at the start of this process which is used throughout this checking (the install itself uses its own read-write session). We are finding that if a policy install takes > 10 minutes, the read-only session is no longer valid afterwards. I am guessing that these sessions have a 10 minute timeout defined somewhere, but I cannot find out where this may be. Although we have changed the processing to avoid this issue now, I'd like to know where this timeout is defined and can be updated if required. Anybody know? Is it a command-line option, or a configuration?