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Hi Team,


We are getting the below vulnerability for the checkpoint.  


Name : OpenSSH X11 Cookie Local Authentication Bypass Vulnerability (openssh-x11-cookie-auth-bypass)
Description :


ssh in OpenSSH before 4.7 does not properly handle when an untrusted cookie cannot be created and uses a trusted X11 cookie instead, which allows attackers to violate intended policy and gain privileges by causing an X client to be treated as trusted.


OpenBSD OpenSSH < 4.7
Download and apply the upgrade from:
While you can always build OpenSSH from source, many platforms and distributions provide pre-built binary packages for OpenSSH.
These pre-built packages are usually customized and optimized for a particular distribution, therefore we recommend that you use the packages if they are available for your operating system.




We have the take installed is take_286.


From the above description, I can find the CVE associated for the vulnerability is #CVE-2007-4752.


From the #sk65269, I can see the comments given is Not vulnerable. So it means checkpoint devices are not vulnerable for this vulnerbaility ??



Vengatesh SR