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Usability Testing - join us!

Discussion created by Sharon Simsa Employee on Oct 14, 2018
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Dear CheckMates,


My name is Sharon, and I run the usability testing in Check Point’s R&D. Our goal is to validate the quality of the User Experience of our products. We do that in one-to-one Zoom sessions with our customers and partners. A typical session lasts up to a 1 hour.


In these sessions, our R&D experts share upcoming features, and ask our customers and partners to perform some simulated tasks. We observe and collect feedback.


Ongoing, We expect to have 100s of sessions, on various products and features.


Our first feature relates to VPN communities. We introduce the ability to control the Gateway’s VPN Domain, in the context of the community it participates in. One of the main use cases this supports is VPN with third-party or Externally managed Gateways.


So – we are looking for about five Mates with experience in VPN.


If you are interested, please drop me an email ( with a 1 hour slot when you are available, in the coming 1-2 weeks. (Please take into account Israel’s working hours.)


We look forward to cooperating with you, and stay tuned for the next features!



Thanks Mates!

Sharon Simsa