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(R77.30) coreXL changes with minimal disruption

Discussion created by Ville Laitinen on Oct 13, 2018
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I'm in a situation where the SNDs need more cpus and CoreXL instances need to be reduced, easy yes ?

Yes, unless you want to minimise the disruption...

HA considers the node with more CoreXL instances 'upgraded', hence when the other node is rebooted

after reducing corexl instances it will go straight to active without bothering with the annoying session sync thingy.


Is there a reasonably safe way to at least get some connections to persist without turning accept_non_syn_tcp on ?


The best i could come up is:

-force fwha_version on the first node to be modified higher than the non modified node, version upgrades are always considered first so this will force the changed node to go into 'ready' state instead of active after reboot.

-run fw fcu (not at all supported according to docs but seemed to mostly work in lab) on the 'ready' node before rebooting the other to activate corexl changes...remembering to change fwha_version back to what it should be.