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Endpoint Anti-Malware Update Failed

Question asked by Arun R on Oct 12, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2018 by Arun R

Dear Team,


I observed my two location endpoint server Anti-malware blade update is getting failed when I have gone through the server_message file I observed the same error on both locations endpoint server.


ERROR Dispatcher-Thread-10 - The update utility failed to update KAV SDK 8 Dat files version: from ZL_latest to production. Return code = 54. More detailed logging is available in /opt/CPuepm-R77/logs/zl2pr_kav8_upd.log file. Brief Reason: 
Loading engine...
Initializing engine...
Using xml-file: /opt/CPuepm-R77/engine/conf/updates/bin/


Error during download process.
Operation result code: 0x00000036. License expired
. (AntiVirus8UpdateSource)


I am having 1800 Anti-malware seats for each location and clients are currently getting an update directly from CheckPoint external Cloud.


Is there any issue or maintenance on Anti-malware cloud. If not so I can check with TAC if necessary.


- Arun.R