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VSX & SecureXL

Question asked by Sander Zumbrink on Oct 11, 2018
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I'm investigating some performance issues where a VSX firewall is in between.

The gateway is running R80.10 with JHF112.

The VS is using IPS, Antibot and application control.

But we've made some exceptions for specific traffic to bypass IPS, Antibot and not log in ApplControl.

Stats: 19% SXL, 59% PXL, 21% F2F.

fwk process uses approx. 50% of available CPU's.


Downloads where 1Mbyte/s through this VS.

When I disabled SecureXL (fwaccel off) the speed was 6 Mbyte/s.

This traffic was also using a F5 BIGIP loadbalancer.


When I make some connections without the loadbalancer, the speed was higher.

With SecureXL enabled it was 10 Mbyte/s and without secureXL it was 20 Mbyte/s.


Has anybody seen the same? Higher speeds with SecureXL disabled?

And did you find the cause of it?


Kind Regards,


Sander Zumbrink