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Question asked by Nicholas Doropoulos on Oct 11, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2018 by Valeri Loukine

I have been having difficulty finding detailed documentation about the TDERROR mechanism. The closest definition I have found is the following:


'TdError, a Check Point infrastructure for reporting messages and debug information. There is no legal list of topics. It depends on the application or module being debugged. To debug all available topics, use: ALL for the debug topic....A topic is a specific area on which to perform debugging, for example if the topic is LDAP, all traffic between the VPN daemon and the LDAP server are written to the log file. Levels range from 1-5, where 5 means "write all debug messages" (… )'.


I'm aware that the said mechanism is typically used when debugging processes and daemons as detailed on sk97638. Most of the time it would take the following form:


fw debug [name-of-daemon/process-goes-here] on TDERROR_ALL_ALL=5


***Replicate issue***


fw debug [name-of-daemon/process-goes-here] off TDERROR_ALL_ALL=0


So my question is, does anybody have a list of the available topics of each possible app/module that the TDERROR mechanism could be fed instead of having to turn on all topics all the time? According to the aforementioned link, "there is no legal list of topics" but I was still wondering if there is anybody who could still provide us with one. 


Thanks in advance.