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How to completely exclude some specific traffic from being checked

Question asked by Dario Ferroni on Oct 10, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2018 by Timothy Hall

Hello community,

Our internal Systems performing periodic vulnerability scanning are heavily impacting our corporate Firewall.

A part from building Policy Rules where this traffic is first handled on the top, is there a way to completely exclude this traffic from being checked by the Firewall Blade, and partially trasforming the Gateway for some traffic in just a Router? If yes, what is the way? Would it be by creating custom "Implied Rules"?

I found the SKs related to the modification of the file user_def, SK 30919, but the Syntax and Examples are not much clear to me. Also the SK 92281 about the Location of the file "implied_rules.def", does not mention how to create custom "implied rules".


Do you have any hints or experience to share?