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Threat Emulation without agent does not work properly

Question asked by Serhii Yaholnytskyi on Oct 8, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2018 by Thomas Werner

HI all. We have R77.30 gateway and local SandBlast appliance. When we are trying to enable HTTP emulation, our users can not download file from internet from first effort: it freezes at about 90%. When user downloads file for second time, it is ssuccessfully downloaded. So, we have opened service request and got an answer that "system works by designed and in order to be able to work with HTTP/S + hold you need to use agent [sandblast extenstion + SBA [endpoint solution]] and use backgroound on the GW ". Isn't it strange? One of the main advantage of CheckPoint is that it can hold file before downloading and now we discover that it can not do it: we have to install agent to have such possibility. Did somebody faced such problem? Why this information is not in ThreatPrevention Admin Guide?