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Performance of a single connection ?

Question asked by Wolfgang Becher on Oct 8, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2018 by Wolfgang Becher

Dear CheckMates,


I had a question regarding maximum performance for a single connection.... 


We had some servers they generate a lot for traffic. host A <=> host B approximately 2Gb/s.

Without any deep checks this connection is going via SecureXL Path and the CPU for this connection is going to 100%.

All other connection they are staying on this CPU are effected and slowed down.

Multiqueue does what it should and starts new conections on other CPUs, but no existing one is moved to another CPU.


Same connection with enabled IPS brings 100%CPU after 350Mb/s and connection goes the PXL path. We played with "disable IPS under load". IPS will be disabled but too only for newly created connection. The existing connections are not effected.


My questions....

Is there a possibility to accelerate one connection, in best case with enabled deep inspection blades ?

Or maybee is there a way to move connections from one CPU to another if this CPU is at 100%, leaving the high traffic connection alone on the high CPU ?

Are there any known values for maximum bandwidth for one connection on an appliance ?

(it looks like 350Mb/s is a real world value for one connection with enabled deep inspection blades like IPS, APPCL ect.)


hope someone can help