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Data Center Object Enforcement in Azure

Question asked by Nicholas Sheridan on Oct 6, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2019 by Carsten Remien

Hi forum!


My management server has been integrated with azure (I set up the data centre server). 

I can read all the objects in Azure.  (I'm running R80.10 gateway and mgt)

I have set up Identity Awareness too.

My gateways are not enforcing the rules I have created with datacentre objects!

Everything looks perfect on the management server, I can even see the IP addresses dynamically associated with the tags!!


I need some help figuring out why the gateways are not enforcing the rules.

I have looked all over for this - and I have a case raised, but TAC have gone a bit quiet!

Anyone help me with locating the documentation for this?  I have looked everywhere.


When I do a "pep show user all" (not sure if this shows output on azure integration) i get nothing on the gateway - whcih makes sense. 


Are there any logfiles?  I have checked /var/log/messages - nothing!