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Azure CloudGuard R77.30 vs R80.10

Question asked by Bhavin Bhatt on Oct 5, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2018 by Bhavin Bhatt

Hi All,

we have an on prem R77.30 Management server and are looking to deploy a CloudGuard cluster in Azure.

Now as we know, i either need to upgrade the mgnt server to r80.10 and deploy r80.10 cluster in Azure or leave the Mgnt Server as is, and deploy r77.30 ClouGuard in Azure.


if i remember correctly, R77.30 Mgnt cannot support a multicore firewall in Azure due to licensing restrictions ?  for vsec flexible central licensing, i need r80.10. Due to some limitations, we cannot upgrade the Mgnt to R80.10.


is there a guide to BYOL for Mgnt and CloudGuard  firewalls  licensing in Azure ? 


Also, what are the benefits or drawbacks of deploying R77.30 in Azure as  opposed to R80.10 CloudGuards ?

Thanks in advance.