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Welcome to Check Point for Beginners!

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Understanding technology is a challenge. 


Complex concepts, rapid changes, new paradigms, overwhelming details, tools to master, time pressure - all those things might be tough to cope with.


As a member of CheckMates, you deserve the best. That's why we have created a new Space on CheckMates - Check Point for Beginners. It is members' exclusive space where we will be posting learning materials: videos, articles, lab manuals,  even history overviews - to help you out and to make understanding and mastering Check Point easier, less stressful and more productive. 


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Our Publications


Check Point for Beginners (CP4B) Lecture Series

Part 1 - Architecture

Part 2 - Preparing the Lab         

Part 3 - Installing Security Management Server

Part 4 - Installing Security Gateway

Part 5 - Gaia WebUI and CLI

Part 6 - Working with SmartConsole  

Part 7 - Managing Security Policies

Part 8 - Network Address Translation       <--- NEW LECTURE!!! 



Understanding Check Point FireWall - Part 1 

Understanding Check Point FireWall - Part 2 

Understanding Check Point FireWall - Part 3 

Understanding Check Point FireWall - Part 4 


Other Materials

Brief History of Check Point Firewalls 

Principles of Check Point Architecture <--- NEW ARTICLE!!! 


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