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Running OSPF on the Security Gateways with SecureXL disabled

Question asked by Di Junior on Sep 30, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2018 by Di Junior

Dear Mates,


I hope you are doing just fine.


I have taken over as the check point admin of a large telcom company. The company infrastructure is comprised of Internal and External Check Point Clusters running in Load-sharing unicast mode. Recently it was also enabled the Mobile Access Blade on the external clusters. 

Now there is a new process of segmenting our network, and as part of the segmentation, the IP team wishes to have the Check Gateways running OSPF.

I am personally concerned about the performance of the gateways because one of the main feature that improves performance (SecureXL) is already disabled due to the ClusterXL mode, and other enabled software blades such as Mobile Access. We are using a 21800 appliance.


I would like to know the performance implications that I can encounter if OSPF is enabled taking into account that secureXL is already not working.


Any relevant contribution is welcome.


Thanks in advance