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Integrity of the objects_5_0.C file

Question asked by Vladimir Yakovlev Champion on Sep 28, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2018 by Vladimir Yakovlev

Just finished a brief troubleshooting session using sk:

Policy installation fails with "Policy installation failed on gateway 0-2000040" error 


While I am happy that there is an sk that was 100% on the mark, I'd like to ask Check Point a question as to why the "minor corruptions" or any other kinds of corruption are possible with no automatic correction?

Isn't it possible to maintain a "shadow" files with integrity verified by hashes and fall back on those if corruption is taking place for some reason (i.e. objects_5_0.C changing hash value is changing in the absence of publishing and installing a policy or installing a database?


This is a brand new installation of the Open Server VM with all the necessary prerequisites, including eager-zeroed, reserved highly-redundant storage and reserved memory and CPU resources.