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SmartConsole Hit count and color

Question asked by Raymond Ng on Sep 28, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2018 by Raymond Ng

hi there,


We just upgrade to R80.10.

Couple questions about the new UI in Smart Console.


The hit count and comment columns are now by default not listed.

We have to manually check them to display.

the question is if there is a way so this 'settings' will stay after we close the SmartConsole?

Every time when we close and re-enter Smart Console, those column setting reset back to default. Is there a way to save the column settings?


Another question is about object color.  In the R77, we can edit the color name/lable.  For example, instead of color "blue", we can change it to "inside net".  It seems in the R80.10, the host/network objects do not allow you to change the color name.  The old color option remains in the check point gateway objects, but not host/network/group objects.


Anyone has any insight about this?  is there a way to edit the color name/label?