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problems deleting an application access-layer via API

Question asked by 1796bcc4-2260-3646-a7be-924418a7ddf6 on Sep 28, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2018 by 1796bcc4-2260-3646-a7be-924418a7ddf6

I have mulitple policy packages that have a security layer and a application layer. The application layer appeared after importing from migrate import from R77, i do not want it. I would like to remove this layer from all these policy packages.


The application layer has only 1 rule

Any -> Internet -> accept -> detailed log :accounting


I thought i would just be able to delete the layer from the API. It deletes perfectly from the SmartConsole. I have tried

deleting the application access layer


mgmt_cli -r true -d Mgmt1 delete access-layer uid "12345678-abcd-4710-a798-12345609f989"
code: "generic_err_object_deletion"
message: "Object MyPolicy Application could not be deleted because it is referenced by other objects, run where-used command for details"


I have verified that I have the correct id for the application layer, using show object uid.


mgmt_cli -r true -d Mgmt1 where-used uid "12345678-abcd-4710-a798-12345609f989"
code: "generic_err_object_not_found"
message: "Requested object [12345678-805c-4710-a798-12345609f989] not found"


where used doesnt work on this object, ok expected i think.

I tried to delete the 1 rule from the application access layer


mgmt_cli -r true -d Mgmt1 delete access-rule layer "12345678-abcd-4710-a798-12345609f989" rule-number 1 --format json
"code" : "generic_error",
"message" : "Runtime error: Cannot delete the only child of the rulebase."


So , can i delete this using the API, what am i missing?