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Merging 2 FW clusters into 1 - Advice Requested

Question asked by Matt Taber on Sep 27, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2018 by Matt Taber

Good afternoon,


We're in the early stages of decommissioning / merging 2 (small) datacenters into 1.    We'd like to decommission 1 of the CP HA clusters and move all networks/rules/NAT/VLAN, etc onto the remaining CP HA cluster.


Has anyone done anything like this or have any advice they'd like to offer?


Items we have already considered:

-Turn down VLANs/networks on to-be-decommissioned cluster, bring up on other. (In GAIA)

-Document topology of to-be-decommissioned cluster to apply it to remaining cluster in next step.

-Pull/Update topology on remaining cluster (SmartDashboard)

-Ensure VLANs are built into switching infrastructure to handle both datacenter VLANs

-Modify NATs to install on the remaining cluster vs the cluster that is going away.

-Move static routes to remaining cluster


Is there a way to script the turn-up of new interfaces/VLANs on the remaining cluster to minimize downtime of the datacenter equipment that is having its cluster decommissioned?