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Will SP code ever get migrated into main R80.x code train?

Question asked by Phillip Runner on Sep 27, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2019 by Michael Ibarra

As our environment grows, I become more and more interested in the different Scalable Platform / chassis options that Checkpoint offers.  The idea intrigues me a bit for quickly and easily growing as we need more processing power.  I love the idea of running VSX on a pair of chassis and just spinning up VSs for each FW use case I have in a datacenter.  However, one of the things that holds me back the most is that these platforms have their own code train that is completely separate from the standard R80.x (and even R77.30) code trains that all other appliances / open servers can run.


We are using R80.10 and will likely soon move to R80.20 now that it is GA as there are features there we want to use.  However, I'm concerned about the lack of feature parity between the different code bases.  Are there plans to integrate the SP code train into the standard code train?  If so, what is the timeline for that on the roadmap?


I'll bet Check Point could sell a lot more chassis if the code/features had parity.