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Large Amount of "Chain Forwarding" in SXL Violations

Question asked by Daniel Taney on Sep 26, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2018 by Dameon Welch-Abernathy

Good afternoon, everyone! I was looking into some performance complaints on a pair of R80 Gateways and saw enormous "chain forwarding" violations when looking at SXL violations:


fwaccel stats -p
F2F packets:
Violation Packets Violation Packets
-------------------- --------------- -------------------- ---------------
pkt has IP options 2132 ICMP miss conn 35934
TCP-SYN miss conn 127111 TCP-other miss conn 3669836
UDP miss conn 36333796 other miss conn 1
VPN returned F2F 4 uni-directional viol 0
possible spoof viol 0 TCP state viol 0
out if not def/accl 0 bridge, src=dst 0
routing decision err 37125 sanity checks failed 0
fwd to non-pivot 0 broadcast/multicast 0
cluster message 0 cluster forward 0
chain forwarding 18688339 F2V conn match pkts 6593
general reason 0 route changes 0


I found other references in other posts about "chain forwarding" being enabled, or to make sure it isn't enabled, but I couldn't find a lot of detail about what this is or where it is configured. Can someone shed a little light on it for me?


Thanks in advance!