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41000 chassis SGM -- looking for loaner

Question asked by Michael Ibarra on Sep 26, 2018

Hey everyone,


We have a pair of 41k platform chassis with a single SGM in each. We are looking to augment our primary/active chassis with a second SGM to get us through an expected increase in throughput, perhaps 3-4 months. (We are a SaaS platform provider and typically see an increase in throughput during various times of the year.) We are planning to replace our 41000 platform with 23800s in the very near future, so this additional SGM would get us through the final months remaining before we can do that. Due to Check Point retiring the 41k platform, we cannot easily source a spare SGM through them since their inventory now focuses on the 44k SGMs.


This may be a long shot, but I'm wondering if anyone has a retired (or spare) SGM 260 they'd be willing to loan me for these few months. Obviously we would pay for the usage of the SGM for the number of months we have it. The exact SKU I'm looking for here is CPAP-SGM260.


Let me know if anyone would be willing to help us out. We would greatly appreciate it.