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SmartDashboard tacacs authentication

Question asked by 56aea48b-b5d0-442c-bce7-6bf75bbc04f5 on Sep 25, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2018 by 56aea48b-b5d0-442c-bce7-6bf75bbc04f5

Hi all

      I want to configure login smartdashboard by tacacs+ authen,but I found that it can not batch authen user.For example,I only add tacacs+ server configuration in cisco router and  can login router by all user.When I configure External User Profiles:generic* on behalf of tacacs all user,I still can not login smartdashboard by tacacs user,I must configure single user authen  in Manage-->Users and Administrators by tacacs,and then I can login smartdashboard by tacacs user. Who can tell me how to batch authen user for smartdashboard by tacacs? thanks!