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Checkpoint Endpoint Security VPN on Mac blocks all Connections

Question asked by dominik feininger on Sep 25, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2018 by Valeri Loukine



I have a couple issues with the Checkpoint Endpoint Security VPN software on my Mac.


I need to use Netscaler Gateway software. This conflicts with the Checkpoint Endpoint Security VPN software. Even when Netscaler is able to connect, I cannot get any packages though as long as Endpoint is installed. Only uninstalling the Endpoint helps.


Endpoint is blocking any incoming connection. Means as long as Endpoint is installed I cannot access my Mac from network. I used to have e.g. a webserver running and connect from various devices on the network to this webserver on my Mac. This ist totally not possible as long as the Endpoint VPN client is running.


Can somebody help on this and point in the right direction if and what needs to change.