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Permission to create gateway object from API

Question asked by Bryan Lee Employee on Sep 26, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2018 by ofirsea040d26-f1f2-3b12-9fc6-5c89debaf56c

What is the permission required for API to create a gateway object?


I have created a role using custom mode so I can remove the excessive privilege later, and I have assigned all the possible privilege with write permission. I am still getting run time error when creating a simple gateway object from ansible. It works find if the role is given full write permission. 


Error message below:

fatal: []: FAILED! => {"changed": false, "failed": true, "msg": "Command 'add-simple-gateway {u'one-time-password': u'aaa12345', u'interfaces': [{u'ipv4-network-mask': u'', u'anti-spoofing': u'true', u'ipv4-address': u'', u'name': u'eth0', u'topology': u'External'}, {u'anti-spoofing': u'true', u'name': u'eth1', u'topology-settings': {u'ip-address-behind-this-interface': u'network defined by the interface ip and net mask'}, u'ipv4-network-mask': u'', u'ipv4-address': u'', u'topology': u'Internal'}], u'name': u'demo_gateway', u'ip-address': u'', u'comments': u'added by Ansible'}' failed with error message: Runtime error: Error reading XMLStreamReader: Unexpected EOF in prolog at All changes are discarded and the session is invalidated."}